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What Happens To Our Body When We’re Constipated?

30 Nov , 2016  

Most of us will experience constipation sometime during our lives. However, people make the mistake of thinking the problem is merely not being to go to the bathroom for a day or two; constipation is a more complex health problem that will usually be accompanied by other symptoms. This all transpires when your digestive system stops working like it should. The digestive process is supposed to begin as soon as your food enters your mouth with digestive enzymes that break it down until it enters the small intestine.

Once in the small intestine, all the broken down good stuff like protein, carbohydrates, and fat are absorbed into the body. The remaining waste material passes through the large intestine, removing water before it is finally emitted from the body as feces. The digestive process impairment that leads to constipation involves the water extraction process. When too much water is taken out of the waste, it makes it hard for the waste to leave the body. Thus, constipation will occur. This problem can last weeks with you only able to have a bowel movement, maybe once or twice per week.

During constipation, even in these few times that a bowel movement will occur during constipation, excessive straining will usually be necessary. It is only really considered constipation if it last for three months. This is one reason why it is best for a person to pay attention to his or her own body: What it is doing and how it is feeling. And let your doctor keep informed of any regularities whatsoever. It is especially important for a pregnant woman to pay attention since constipation can occur during pregnancy due to the increased levels of hormones.

As soon as true constipation is recognized, there are medical treatments that can and should be done right away. With your doctor’s help, you can detect the problem and take the necessary steps to amend it. If you ignore you ignore the problem altogether, it may just get worse. Your doctor may instruct you to make relatively small life changes like increasing your water or fiber intake or he may instruct you make big life changes. Sometimes prescribing medication will be necessary. It may also be necessary to stop certain problematic lifestyles or medications. Before constipation happens to you, it is best to learn all about its symptoms and what it does to your body.

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