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Stomach Pain: Knowing When To Call A Doctor

28 May , 2016  

Is it just a stomach ache, or more serious? Abdominal pain can be confusing. The average stomach ache may be a minor issue or it could be a major concern. There can be several causes for abdominal pain. Medical attention may be needed. There are some good guidelines that will prove helpful in determining the cause of your pain. Your stomach pains may be as simple as gas pains. They may be caused from a serious medical condition. There are some guidelines to be aware in regards to stomach pain and deciding when you should call a doctor or when to just ride the pain out.

Consider the Location of the Pain

There is one important item to keep in mind when it comes to stomach pain. Typically, the actual location of the pain can assist you in determining if you need to contact your doctor. The location of your pain may will be a clue as to the cause of the pain. The location of the pain in your abdominal ought to be considered and known.

Medical Conditions and Stomach Pain

It is a good idea to keep yourself informed of the many medical conditions that may be causing the abdominal pain. These include the following conditions:

* Appendicitis

* Intestinal obstruction

* Lead poisoning

* Pancreatitis

* many more

These are a sample of the many medical conditions that may be causing your abdominal pain. A qualified physician could determine the needed treatment.

Is it Time to Call the Doctor?

Some individuals may need to seek urgent care services with their stomach pain. The ambulance may even need to be called for others. Some individuals may simply need to contact their doctor and set up an appointment. There are some guidelines that can alert you to the fact that you will need to contact your doctor. Keep in mind that most doctors have their own set of guidelines. The following are some general guidelines that let you know that you will need to contact a doctor:

* if the pain in your abdominal lasts more than just a few days and if it is worrisome

* if an ordinary pain reliever is not relieving your pain

* a chronic abdominal pain

* any rectal bleeding

* on the left side

Determining the Cause and Finding a Solution

Your physician may need to run some medical tests in order to find the cause of your stomach pain. A solution can then be found in order to relieve your pain.

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