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Foods To Avoid When Constipated

6 Oct , 2016  

It’s valuable to know that when you become constipated, you are able to find relief just by the types of foods that you eat. You might not even realize that the type of diet you are consuming on a routine basis is contributing to your constipation issues. There are so many foods out there that can actually lead to constipation; these foods can and should be avoided if you have problems with performing regular bowel movements each and every day. Every person’s body is different, and so what is normal for one person might not be normal for another. What this basically means is that if you are used to having one bowel movement every couple of days this might be normal for you and might not necessarily mean that you are constipated. However, if you are used to having multiple bowel movements in a day and all of the sudden this stops and goes to once every couple of days, this could mean that you are dealing with some minor constipation. According to most physicians, a healthy individual could have as many as three bowel movements per day.

There are several types of foods that you will want to avoid if you have dealt with constipation in the past or if you are currently dealing with it, and are looking for some type of relief. One of the main culprits of constipation is red meat and any type of meat product. Red meat is extremely difficult for the body to digest, and this is why it often leads to constipation for those who are struggling to digest this type of food. Dairy products are also a culprit of constipation unless you have lactose intolerance, whereas dairy consumption will lead to diarrhea.

You might also want to avoid foods that are overly processed or come in frozen form, such as frozen dinners or items that contain a lot of sodium. Processed foods are also very difficult for the body to digest; this inhibits you from being able to have routine bowel movements simply because your body is struggling to get rid of these foods. Anyone constipated will want to begin consuming different foods that help to bring about a bowel movement such as fruits and vegetables. The body has a very easy time digesting fruits and vegetables, and so these foods are great for battling constipation in a natural way without resorting to laxatives or stool softeners that may be uncomfortable for you.

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